A Moving Story

News – 02-17-2003

This past weekend we moved a whole block down the street so that we could have a generally larger apartment here in Texas.
Abigail gets a bigger room, Jessica gets a bigger kitchen, I get a bigger rent check, it works out for everyone!
Truly, I don’t care that much about the bigger rent check, I think this will help us to be able to be more hospitable.
Jess’ mom, Linda, will be coming out shortly to visit us and help Jessica get things in order.
Abigail is going to help by giving live performances of a little girl growing up faster than we know how to handle.

While I’ve been working on writing this she’s dropped her teething biscuit 6 times.
On the 22nd she’ll be 6 months old.
This is insane for us as we’ve hardly recovered from her birth.
Abigail growls a lot, which is not typical of my experience with little girls.
She can squeak and gurgle little girly sounds but the next second her little growling bark comes shooting out to remind us that she’s a rough little kiddo.

Abigail had some fun earlier today when I was unpacking one of the boxes we had that had some percussion instruments in it.
I don’t know how much Jessica will enjoy the percussion in the long run but I sure had fun banging on that tambourine with Abigail!
Jess adores Abby and so do I, which is a good thing since she’s our daughter.

For Valentines day Jessica and I moved some things from our old apartment into the new apartment.
Pretty romantic huh?
Sometimes my romance level is so high I amaze myself.
Actually, Jessica and I celebrated V-day a week early to avoid the mad rush of the rest of the US and to help offset the business of the next weekend.

Speaking of our relationship and romance, Sunday the 16th marks 8 years of us being a couple!
On the 16th day of 1995’s 2nd month (wasn’t that a Yoda’ish way to say that?) I asked her to go out with me.
Jessica promptly replied, “I don’t know.” and went into her house and asked her mom’s opinion.
When she told me she asked her mom I set my ‘dating timer’ for 2 weeks expecting very little out of someone who couldn’t make her mind up by herself.
I was w-r-o-o-o-n-g!

Needless to say we’re still in love, and despite the occasional argument or night of sleeplessness due to our daughter we keep plugging along looking forward to what the Lord brings us each day.
Hopefully in 8 years we’ll be able to say the same thing only more emphatically.

Randy and Jessica and Abigail Peterman
700 E. Ash Ln #14208
Euless, TX 76039
Phone is the same as before, 
	if you don't have it email me 
	and if you're lucky, 
	I'll send it to you ;)

Resting in Him,