In the beginning

News – 01-25-2003

OK, its now deep into January of the new year and finally I am able to put up some more stuff here on the site.
I must confess that I learned two lessons last year in about one weeks time, and I think that those two lessons will comprise most of this ‘blog’.

Don’t be Hasty

I would assume by the volume of people who have seen Two Towers, the second installment of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy that you most likely have seen it.
If you haven’t seen it, you probably should.
If you don’t everyone will make fun of you and you’ll live the rest of your life in shame.
That was like hearing about people (Gen-X’ers) who somehow didn’t see Starwars in their lives.
Its not a perfect movie (Two Towers) but it is pretty good none the less.

In this movie you meet creatures called ents.
Ents are tree herders.
And they’re pretty much timeless.
With those two things in mind I think that the lesson that I have learned from them is quite simple: I am too hasty.
That is why I couldn’t update the site.

I went out with some Christmas money and bought some hardware to speed up the computer I had (making this new one somewhat of a ‘frankenstien’s monster‘).
The problem is that I didn’t research enough and was pressured by the sales guy at Fry’s Electronics and ended up not buying all the right components.
This has put my computer on a weird cycle of being hard to start.
Sometimes it takes me 15 minutes to get it going.
So, don’t be hasty!

Diving too Deep!

The other lesson I learned was in going too deep, too fast.
If you’ve ever heard me get excited about theology or programming then you’ve probably seen or heard me do this.
What I did was try to talk to several people at different times about theological or philosophical things that were WAY too deep, and I didn’t explain them very well.
The end result was confusion or me coming off as lofty or proud.

Neither of these things were my desire, but because I wasn’t quick to listen and slow to speak (Book of James ring a bell?) and careful with my knowledge I ended up not doing what I wanted to do.
What I wanted to do was share truth, which is a passion I have; Unfortunately passion sometimes leads to carelessness.
Thus, I don’t want to dive too deep, too fast, and dash the small chance I have of reflecting Christ.

We had a great Christmas, and we really did enjoy out family – hope to see all of you, and our friends too – as often as allowable.

Resting in Him,