Writing from the 20/20 blind spot

News – 11-15-2002

Well, A LOT has happened since I last did anything to the website, but hopefully you’ll find some new treats here and there.
I want to say that Abby’s arrival has spurred the number of visits to this site to a record high, in fact had I not become the proud father of this little princess, the site hits statistics would have remained at their measly levels of 300 hits a month (thanks mom and Sha’i for keeping it that high 😉 ).
We’ve been insanely busy, and I’ve been working my behind off at work, trying to spend time with Jessica and Abby, and stay in the word.
Since I last posted any news…

  • We went to Nevada to see family
  • We had my aunt and uncle and cousins from CA visit us
  • We all got sick (Yes, Abby too 🙁 )
  • My sister-in-law looked at this site over 100 times.
  • That is all

Going to Nevada was great, we got to see friends and family there, got to meet Mike Nelson’s future wife, meet Matt – an eligable bachelor, and…got to eat at Heidi’s!
I got to ride in Ed’s new Vokswagon, and for Ed’s overdue birthday, we went to Sushi, Jess was not impressed, but at least she tried it.
I got to hang out with my best bud Sean who’s been crashing in Berkley, CA.
We got to see Jen and Steve and Tim, who shared some of his favorite jokes with us (I don’t remember any or them, but I’ll tell you that the Chicken has been outpaced by many other animals in the road crossing business).
We also got to spend some time with Eric Class, my sister’s beau.
And, we got to be REALLY sad when we left. That was not fun.
Ohhh, one more thing – LAX is a crumby airport.

My relatives from CA, my Uncle Eric, Aunt Willette, and Hannah and Heidi (We missed Kim, who, being of the legal working age in CA, was unable to join us/them 🙁 ), were a blast to spend time with.
Hannah is the spitting image of Kim, her older sister (by 19 years), and Heidi was funny and finicky.
Uncle Eric shared theology and a sinus infection with me, and so that was fun.
We went to a Greek retreat that Tyndale was holding, my uncle was participating, I was just along to hang out with famliy (Yes, Jess and Abby went there too, there were more Peterman’s there than any other group).
Over all, it was fun, and Sunday night my uncle taught at Tyndale’s Sunday evening church service, it was excellent.

Pray for us as we’re going to be seeking the Lord’s will in all things, but this next year presents us with many opportunities, and many challenges, some we can foresee, and others we have yet to experience.
We will survive one way or the other, but we want to be obedient to the call, and as we sojourn we don’t want to get distracted by the things of this world!

Resting in Him,


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