New Look! (Again)

OK, so I don’t stick with the look and layout for more than 3 months, and I’m sorry.
I spend more time working on a new look than I do adding new content.
I should be flogged, but I don’t have time for flogging.

Read This!

I’ve got some new stuff that I’m working on for the Bible section.
Note that its really early in its development.
I promise that as I get time I’ll add to it, since its theological you know it will get some attention.
I’m also working on a glossary of theological terms which I hope will be useful since most theological words go over the heads of the laity.


…is crawling now, she started Sunday night.
Jessica was so excited, I was in the bathroom (I know, too much information), and Jessica started calling for me.
I came out as fast as I could and got there just in time for Abby to look right at me and try to sit up.
It wasn’t crawling, but she did show me later.
I guess all of the pressure was too much.

This morning she got more shots.
This is fun, because as she gets older her emotions are much more developed so crying takes longer to stop (calm down).
But, she’s doing well, and she was glad to see me when I came home for lunch.


Because this is my site, and I run the darn thing, and because I’m more opinionated than you (I know what you’re thinking. You’re wrong, I am more opinionated than you) I’m adding an opinion section.
This will house opinions on movies, music, life, and just about everything else that I want to publish an opinion on.
If you don’t agree with my opinion, feel free to write me, call me, email me, or send a messenger pigeon.
Remember, opinions are like belly buttons, almost everybody has one (with the exception of Adam and Eve and people who have them surgically removed).

Resting in Him,

Randy Peterman