Top Ten Reasons Not To Do Ballet?

Please, I’m begging for your help.  In the comments please list off as many reasons you can think of that my 7 year old does not want to do ballet.  The person who gets closest to the real reason she gave us will get a gift card for $5.00 for Starbucks or Target or Walmart or some store you will use it at.  The only stipulation is that you must live in the US so I can send it to you.  Oh, and all answers have to be G-Rated.

And So It Begins

Jessica is in the other room doing school with Evie.  The 4 year old is now becoming an educated little girl.  May the learning never end, little girl, may you find yourself always in wonder of the new things to know in life.

Logic Problems

The four year old just shared this bit of logical gymnastics:

Sharks are fish.  So you could call all fish sharks.

I’m going to pass on doing that.  I’m also not going to bother her with the explanation of why that is not logically consistent.