Fit In February: Day 10

Today I worked out in the morning, but had to set the elliptical machine to a lighter work out.  I was physically tired when I started things, but it was an issue of mind over matter.  I won’t make that cute, but let me say that I need more sleep if I’m going to put out this many calories.  I burned 275, which is a lot less than yesterday, but I need to probably start spreading my efforts out to other areas of exercise.

Food was not so nutritional today – tomorrow must bring more salad.

Fit in February: Day 9

Its been a few days since I posted, but today I worked out for 30 minutes on the elliptical machine.  I upped the difficulty to level four and burned 375 calories.  I’m sweating a disgusting amount so it must be time to go work out.  I’ve lost approximately 2 pounds since starting.  Not as fast as I wanted, but OK, I’m still following through.  More later.

Fit in February: Day 3

Today I worked out for 30 minutes on the elliptical machine.  I set it on the third, harder level.  I was pretty stinky and sweaty when I finished.  I have also reached my goal of 10,000 steps as well.  I’m confident that keeping this pace up is not only possible, but also going to help keep me on my target of a healthier, fittier Randy.

Breaky: one egg

Snacks: more nuts, carrots and apples.

Lunch was a salad and some fajita fillings with one tortilla and cheese.  Some fat, but not horrible.

Dinner was a hamburger, fennel slaw, salad, green beans and some sweet potato fries.  All in small quantities so as to not max out calories.

Fit In February: Day 2

At lunch I worked out for 30 minutes on the elliptical machine.  Still sorely disappointed in its actual shape not being an ellipse.  Burned over 300 calories.

Breakfast: 1 egg (and some coffee)

Lunch: Apple (braeburn, organic), 6oz yogurt with 1tbsp of peanut butter

Snacks: 2/3 cup of nuts

Fit in February: Day 1

Today I weighed myself after lunch.  I am aware that is not the ‘optimal’ time to weigh yourself, but lets me honest: weighing yourself first thing in the morning is not really weighing what you normally weigh.  My weight may fluctuate by as much as 2 pounds in a 24 hour time period, so I just weigh myself within a 24 hour time period and go with the flow.  I ate crumby food today due to lunch out with friends.  Let me clarify: the food was super tasty, but it was probably not very healthy.  To offset the poor food I worked out and did some Wii boxing, some wii exercises on the Wii fit, and walked approximately 1.5 miles to a super bowl party.

For the record I think I look like I’m having a spasm as I spin my waist on the Wii fit board doing the ‘hula hoop’ game.  I am convinced that many of the exercises in Wii Fit are not overly exercising, and they’re not focusing on what I’d like to focus on.  Tomorrow I’m going to make time to work out on our elliptical machine.  Sadly it is not actually shaped like an ellipse, but they tell me that exercising on it moves the bars that I stand on in an elliptical pattern.  The programmer in me sort of wants to write  a Flash animation to find the ellipse and help inform you about it… but the tired man in me is ready for bed.

See you tomorrow!


Weight: 179

Exercise: Wii fit junk, walk to super bowl party, shouting and cheering for the Cardinals, stood up in front of Sunday School class and in a somewhat animated fashion stood still with brief bouts of pacing back and forth.

I need to get a pedometer to measure my steps.

Fit in February Challenge

I pushed my gut out to make it look worse than it really is
I pushed my gut out to make it look worse than it really is

I’m not obese. I’m not in shape.  I’m in the middling ground of just overweight (according to federal guidelines, which I live by like a Lobster lives by butter).  Jessica has been slowly pushing me to consider working out, which is pretty much the last thing I’d like to do besides maybe stab at myself with a rusty nail.  Working out is something that I’m glad I’m done with when I actually do it.  I feel better when I do it.  But I also feel better when I stop stabbing myself with rusty nails. No more!

I’m starting the rest of my life tomorrow – short as February may be – because I’m going to start working out in February and participate in a fitness challenge put together by Caleb Jenkins for developers called the Fit In February Challenge.  Developers who probably ought to get their rears in gear and out of chairs (comfortable as chairs may be), eating less pizza (tasty as it may be), and getting their hearts racing with exercise instead of Mountain Dew (sweet as it may be).

The Plan!

I am planning on walking over 10,000 steps a day, doing cardio for 30 or more minutes a day, and pumping weights (which I have in my office so that I can use them while code builds on my 386 chip).  I plan on eating healthy and you can discover some tasty snacks on my food blog and eat along with me.  OK, maybe you can’t all eat with me, but I’m hoping this will be a great start to a beautiful relationship with the new healthier, sexier (I really, really should never say that about myself), fitter and developier me.  I’m pretty sure developier is not a word, but developerer sounds even dumberer.

I’ll be exercising this blog, too.  I’ll be posting daily what I’m actually doing and being brutally honest about where I’m missing my goal/plan, and also posting about any weight gain or loss.  I may actually gain some weight if I build muscles, but there’s plenty of Randy gut to be rid of, too.  Join me in exercising, February or otherwise!