Weekend Fun

As is typical for us we were not home this weekend.
We visited our friends the Nuzzi’s in Austin once again (though never enough).
We were celebrating Tony and Josh’s birthdays and they celebrated mine (kindly).

The weekend was over all a fun time except that my allergies
decided to give it a hard push to see if they could drive
me to insanity.
Ha ha!
They didn’t succeed, I’m only partially crazy now.
Claritin helps some, but due to the absolutely astronomical amount
of pollen in the air I was still pretty sneezy.
That being said – we persisted in having fun and made a day out of
things – twice.


Friday evening we rolled into their place around 6:00 after being
on the road for approximately three hours.
And we went to dinner shortly after exchanging presents (I have to
confess, that yes, once again, I gave Tony a CD – I have to
give him music, its a disorder).
We went to Logan’s Steakhouse.
Logan wasn’t able to serve us, but some other fellow did.
To cause confusion I’ll add that Tony picked out some crazy toys
for me for my birthday which included a nifty mini remote
control car, a rocket and some astronaut food – those things
were given me before dinner.
See how confused you are about things now that I’ve gone back and
forth in the order?

Friday night we stayed up late, as is our tradition.
Tony and I went to Denny’s where we drank liquids until about
Midnight and then we came home and the four adults chatted
and had fun.


Saturday we had fun and went to Chipotle’s for lunch and then
went to Smoothie-King for dessert.
Note to self: Jessica doesn’t like pork from Chipotle because it
is too salty.
We then proceeded to the park where we played around for a bit
with the water rockets (remember them as presents from Friday).
Eventually, given enough time we broke everything and moved on.

We rode a small train at the park, which was somewhat fun, but
only because Abby saw animals.
As an adult I think trains at parks should be moving at approximately 50 MPH or more.
That way we can get to the destination faster.

We had dinner at Fuddrucker’s and that was fun because shortly
after that fun the kids went to bed and Tony and I played
Empire Earth for some time.
Which was fun except we didn’t get to win, which was not fun.
We had to quit because the gals got home and we were pooped.
Plus, Erin turned on Saturday Night Live, which was a good
distraction because laughter is one of our favorite past


Sunday morning we went to church earlier than we have in a long
time, but managed to get there early enough to drop off the
kids and make Sunday School Class.
Which was good because class involved discussion and we needed
to participate.
We looked at I Theselonians where Paul was talking about being
like a mother.
I would have preferred that we actually take the passage in
context, but the focus was on mothers.
Odd, but at least there was actually something there about
mothers and they weren’t pulling the whole thing out of thin

The main service was sort of about Yom Kippur from Leviticus 16.
We didn’t need our Bible’s because the pastor bluntly told us
that he was going to be going too fast to keep up.
He was right.
I was a hair sad though that the text was not a major emphasis.
They do the music after the lesson (which is my preference) and
so we finished off the service with some prayer and then
headed to pick up our pumpkins.

Lunch was “Fresh Choice” which fed us lots of food for a reasonable price.
Then we went home to the Nuzzi’s and prepared to go home to Euless.
We made it home just in time to unload the car and relax.
The drive home was nice I got lots of talking time with Jessica.

Resting in Him,

Randy Peterman

Happy Birthday Tony Nuzzi

Today is Tony’s birthday.
Today is Tony’s son Josh’s birthday.
Today is Tony and Josh’s birthday.
They are now older due to the lapsation of time.
Time is lapsing as I type this and you read it.

Did you ever stop to think, “I cannot get this moment back?”
See how deep some of the thoughts are on this website?

Fungal Jungle

Saw a Flash video today with the phrase Fungal Jungle in it today.
I loved that phrase.
I’m going to try to work it into my vocabulary.
It’s funny.

It is time for me to go to bed soon.
So have a good night, drive carefully because if you don’t I will.

Resting in Him,

Randy Peterman

Tried Another Church

As some of the readers of this ‘blog (blog is short for weblog – weblog shops at the Big
and Tall store while blog shops in the junior section of Mervyns) are aware we are in
the throws of a church search.
Not just any church mind you, but one that is worth going to for the following reasons:

  • Good doctrinal stance
  • Good teaching
  • Good leadership

We tried another church today – it didn’t meat the second qualification and had some shady
areas in the first category.
You’ll notice that music is not on the list.
While it used to be, I’ve found that I am so anal about the music that I have to ignore it
or the only thing that I’ll find suitable will be me leading – which isn’t going to happen
on a first visit.
We went to Calvary Chapel, Fort Worth.
Its not that the teaching was heretical, its just that it was really nice.

What’s wrong with ‘nice’ you ask?
Well, I’ll tell you.
We’re anti-foofationists (which means that we’re against fluffy teaching of most sorts, this
term was coined by the ‘most right reverend’ Rusty Cobb) and so the light nature of the
message, in combination with the ‘fill me Holy Spirit’ songs turned both Jessica and I off.
Nice teaching is teaching that is palatable to the ear, but lacking in content.
It’s not Cotton Candy, its sponge cake.
It’s somewhat nutritionally better, but not a lot.

And, sorry to some of you readers that are more charismatic in your theology, but I have a
hard time with the ‘fill me Holy Spirit’ songs.
Once again, you ask, “What the heck is wrong with you Randy? Why?”
Well, I’ll tell you.
I believe that the Holy Spirit is given to us as a gift and seal of a believer’s salvation.
This means that the Holy Spirit doesn’t come and go like a poorly behaved dog, he is with
us, even in our times of sinning.
So, when you sing, “Come and fill me up,” you’re singing something that only an
unregenerate (unsaved, lost, hell-bound, sinner, pagan, and other words that incite
folks) person could say, which they’d say as part of a prayer acknowledging their new
savior (“sinner’s prayer”).
So, in short, I don’t want to sing that sort of thing since its bad doctrine.
Some folks believe in a ‘second baptism’ of the Holy Spirit, where he comes a second (and
often more times), which would also fit into that sort of song, but since I don’t, once
again the lyrics are out of place in a normal theological context.

So, we didn’t really care for it, but I hope that the folks there grow and learn God’s
word, even if it is at a slower pace.
We did however walk away with something.

Walking Away With Something

“Well, Mr. Picky-poopy-pants, what did you walk away with,” you ask?
I walked away with a good sentence.

Don’t try to live like Christ did while he was on the earth, live like he is now.

Agast, you are probably thinking, “Christ is in heaven, I am not! Peterman, you’re a nut.”
You’d be right on one account, I am a nut.
But, think about this in a biblical context.
You’ve been given a position in Christ: You’re raised up with Christ, who is seated in the heavenlies (Colossians 3:1-7).
That’s right – you are raised up with Christ.
Christ did many things that were pre-cross, he did many things that were miracles that
only God could do.
But, he did send His disciples and apostles out to teach good doctrine to equip you with
the tools and knowledge (not to mention being indwelt with the Holy Spirit) to be a
bond-servant of Christ.

When you find yourself feeling clich? and asking, “What would Jesus Do?”
Think about what the passage in Colossians says.
Set your mind on things above.
Make sure you’re abiding in Christ.
Make sure that you’re looking at things from a heavenly perspective.
Romans 12:2 teaches us that if we’re abiding and our minds are being renewed in Christ
that we’ll be able to test and prove what God’s will is.

The Greek word for ‘prove’ (dokimazo?) used in Romans 12:2 means to test or make sure
something is fit.
Therefore, it doesn’t mean that by our actions we’ll show (by our will) what God’s will is,
but that our actions will be inline with His will as we test what our actions could be
by His word.
This teaching is powerful.
Not because we’re empowered with might, but because He’s in power in our lives.

Anyway, I’m spouting off stuff that is hopefully helpful, but I could also be somewhat
longwinded about.
Email me if you’ve got questions.

More Pictures! Or Else.


I’ve been told that if I don’t put more pictures up on the website that I’ll be sent lemongrass for my birthday.
Of course my grandma may send me some anyway, but that’s just because she has some and she like to send us plants and tree branches.
In fact this last Christmas (or maybe the year before) we received Christmas tree branches in the mail from her.

So, with that being said, I’ve added more pictures to the site.
They’re under the media section.
You may have seen them before but that’s just because I sent them out in a rough scan of the rolls earlier this month or late last month (depending on which wave you got hit with).

More Importantly

Hurricane Isabel is doing its thing on the east coast – pray for the people there.
Pray that they would trust God for protection.
Pray that the lost would turn to Him.
Pray that Christians would take the opportunity to shine in their service.
Pray about what you can contribute.
Contribute at least prayer.


Like first and third mixed together

If you’ve not been to www.disciplers.org I strongly recommend it.
I received great benefit from the discipleship material there, and you could probably use the spiritual food.
Yes, even you might benefit from the stuff there.
If you’d like info on being discipled contact Art there via email, or if you’re local to the DFW area, contact me, and I’ll see about setting up times for us to go over the material together.
It’s well worth your time, and the benefits are eternal.

Fine Ally

Lastly, we’ll be out of town for part of the weekend visiting Jess’ cousin and her family in Sherman.
If you try to call and we’re not home, call back every 5 minutes.
OK, not really, just leave a message in our ‘voice-box’.
If any one of you tries to be funny and leaves a lot of messages, we’ll be forced to blackmail you.
And you know we’ve got dirt on you.
Actually, I hope that any dirt you may have had on you was washed clean by the blood of Christ.

Resting in Him,


You Could Spend Money Here

If you really are Obsessive-Compulsive, or Compulsive-Obsessive or you just come here a lot, you may want to spend money buying weird stuff that I came up with.
The cool part is that I will make no money from it.
That’s right, I just wanted this stuff myself, so I made it (actually, Cafe Press makes it).
However, if you find this stuff odd, amusing or just plain old fun you can buy it.

That being said – you’ll have to count the cost and see if its worth owning these pieces of www.RandyPeterman.com history.
You’ll note that I’ve got horrible taste in clothing, so be aware of that before you buy 😉
Also, note that the mouse pad has Java code on it with a Perl twist of humor.
Perl is a programming language…so is Java.
I have programmed in both, but don’t tell anyone lest they call me a hacker or something.

Almost forgot to give the link:

Resting in Him,


Time. Traveling.

We took yet another long trip this last week and a half and so here, in prosaic form, I present to you the summary of said trip.

Pre-trip Trip

Jessica and Abigail headed out to Washington before me to get some extra time in with the Forland/Peer clan whilst I ‘slaved away’ at work.
What happened during that time is really a bit mysterious to me, but I know that great sums of money were exchanged with barely a trace on my end.
Items were bought, stuffed animals were obtained, and somewhere along the way Abby got a silverish plastic crown.
As if that weren’t enough she grabbed a handful of noodles away from her Grandpa Clair and was not beaten and left to hang in the dungeons.
The lack of discipline is not a surprise since Grandparents are well known perpetrators of baby spoiling.

I missed Jessica a lot and we talked on the phone some, but mostly we just missed one another since I had meals with other families who graciously hosted me.
That being said, Friday was a total relief – going to see my family.
Except that my laptop’s display was hard to see with the people in front of me on the airplane reclining – a real pain in the eyes.


Friday night, at what felt like 1:20 Central Standard Time (AKA Texas Time) I arrived at Portland International Airport.
John hitched a ride with Clair and they picked me up, even waiting for my luggage.
We lugged the luggage and headed home (home being in Vancouver, WA).
Upon arrival I was glad to see Jessica and Abby.
Abby was glad to be up near midnight and greeted me by running to the dogs.
I felt tired and second rate given that my daughter was more excited about the dogs.
The rest of the time in WA pretty much went the same as far as Abby was concerned – cats and dogs are cooler than me.


John and Becca moved to Seattle Sunday and we helped.
I rode up with John, Linda rode with Becca, and Jessica and Abigail rode with Clair.
Upon moving the contents of the truck into the 6th floor of the apartment via elevator (through a garage none the less) we returned the U-haul truck and headed to the Sound.
There we checked out the Aquarium.

The aquarium was cool.
It was the second aquarium I’ve been to that has had a sea dragon.
You should go to an aquarium with sea dragons, they’re about as cool as anything else called ‘animals.’
They look like plants if you don’t know what you’re looking for – but instead they’re like plants and sea horses mixed together.

Dinner that evening in Seattle was somewhat disrupted by the understaffed restaurant, and Jessica’s under cooked fish.
The waitress was cheerful and immediately informed us that the cooks (chefs?) often under cooked the fish.
She then offered to have the fish cooked some more.
Then, when Clair wanted to pay the bill the bill was not brought for a long time, the manager was awkward, and in the end we wondered how the place had stayed open.
The food was good for everyone else, but the staffing seemed to be a critical issue.

The rest of the time in Washington was really neat.
Tuesday we went to Mt. St. Helen – which ranks 4th in my all-time coolest places I’ve been to list.
If you haven’t seen Mt. St. Helen you should do so now.

Now that you’re back, what did you think?
What was your favorite part?
Oh, I liked that, too.

OR to CA

Wednesday we said good-bye to Linda and Clair (sadly, mind you, we did have a great time and we miss our families) and began what was a pretty long drive down to my Grandparents’ place in California.
The drive was a mere 600 miles, but due to the roads we had to drive it took us 15 hours.
We drove into Oregon and stopped for lunch in a town called [some town in OR here].
We ate lunch at ‘The Sizzler’ which is a restaurant that we had fond memories of in Nevada.
Those memories were either delusional, or we ate at one of the lesser franchises.
Jo, the waitress we had was about as friendly as a bowl of rice crispies – without the milk.
She was an older gal, and I think she lost her social skills one day in her purse, and they’ve never been seen again.

After ‘the Sizzler’ we headed to get gas.
I pulled up to the gas pump and a gal hurried up to the car and quickly shouted out to me, “Your tanks on the other side!”
I replied to her, “Oh, is this a full service pump?”
Which is a normal question, because I haven’t seen one of those in years.
“NO, You’re in Oregon,” she replied.
So I pulled up to another pump and another gal ran up to the car and asked what type of gas I’d like.
I quickly responded by saying, “Is this a full service pump as well?”
“No, you’re in Oregon,” was once again the reply.

I knew I was in Oregon – this was obvious. I knew it once I crossed the Columbian and the sign said ‘Entering Oregon.’
That was enough of a clue for me.
After that I never thought to myself, “Hey, what if I’m in Nebraska?”
So, when I was told for the second time I was in Oregon I was really sure I was in Oregon.
I asked her, “I know I’m in Oregon, but why can’t I pump my own gas?”
This was a silly question, because obviously, “Oregon and New Jersey don’t let you pump your own gas.”
So I told her to put the regular gas in the car and was done with it.

So here’s the dilemma: What kind of degree in school, special training, or certification does it take to spend your day breathing in noxious gas fumes whilst the drivers are carefully protected from them?
Why should women (or at some gas stations I suppose men) be forced to run around in the summer heat telling people that they’re in Oregon?
I will most likely never move to Oregon because this travesty is too great.

We finally left Oregon through ‘Grant’s Pass,’ which came with great recommendation from my Grandmother.
I was told it would be much more scenic.
It was.

We saw Elk, the ocean, boats, surfers, four-wheel drive trucks on the beach and Elvis.
OK, so we didn’t see Elvis.
We also saw really windy roads that were covered in fog and hellish to drive on.
Mostly the bad roads were due to a fine detail that my grandma failed to point out: Take the road to Ukiah (where I was born) because highway 1 is extremely curvy and slow going.
Jessica was going to kill me for taking that road because she was tired of being in the car, sick from the road, and tired from being awake so long.
We finally made it to Philo, CA at 12:22 and we went to bed shortly after that.

California Dreaming

Since I had caused Jessica such great distress on the night before I promised her I’d get up with Abigail in the morning.
Well, as luck would have it morning came.
And like some mornings in life it came way earlier than I expected and Abigail ushered it in with great gusto.
So, I got up with her and we started the day in the home that I call home in California.
I grew up a good portion of my life in Mendocino, as a young child and as a teenager I would spend parts of my summers there.
So we started the day there off to a good start, Abby got to meet my grand-parents, they got to meet her, and grand-parents were dubbed great grandparents.
And they are great grand-parents, I’m grateful to have them.

Thursday afternoon we went up to my Uncle Eric and Aunt Willette’s.
These two are just a neat godly couple.
If you’ve met me, then you generally know how my uncle is, or as is often put, “Randy, you’re a lot like your Uncle Eric.”
Which is a good complement, I’ll take it.
Someday, I might even frame it and put it up in my office somewhere.
We talked about family stuff, funny stuff, and theology.
I think that Jessica and I learned more in one hour of talking with him than we have in the whole year from sermons at various churches.
He’s a gifted teacher and theologian.

My little cousins Hannah and Heidi were cute too, Abigail got along with them great and they were off having fun in no time.

Thursday evening my parents arrived, and later that night Ed and Shari arrived with Becky – but that’s skipping ahead.
However, it was so late at night we were in bed, so while we waited for Ed and Shari and Becky and Brennan, the rest of the family already there ate dinner.
After dinner my mom went into the living room with the little girls whilst the rest of the adults took a break.
The girls were screaming with glee and running all through the house, even Abigail.


Friday we got up and started off the festivities by exchanging gifts with the family – some for Abigail and one for me even (a hair early, I know).
Abby got lots of stuff for her birthday, including cats, lots of them.
She likes them all.
I got a Dave Brubeck CD (if you don’t know who that is, you should find out, you’d be pleasantly surprised) and the Complete Mr. Bean series on DVD.
Jessica was saddened by the DVD’s since she is not fond of Mr. Bean, however, he cracks me up.

Then we went to the beach.
OK, sort of.
We went to Mendocino, which is like going to the beach only different.
Instead its like going to the rocky cliffs along the ocean with periodic sand bars.
The sand bars aren’t too bad, but instead of having salty peanuts to make you drink more beer, they just have salty ocean water to make you crave fresh water.
It was cold and the water was colder, so the adults didn’t go in, however, the kiddo’s (Abby and Brennan) did go in – they got wet and sandy and about 2 minutes into it we all thought about how nice towels would have been.
Then, after the beach we went hunting.

You will not be surprised to find out we hunted for Ice Cream.
So we went and found “Cowlick’s,” a local ice cream shop.
Then, after desert we went to Denny’s and had dinner.
There, at a table next to us (and, as Dave Barry would say, I’m not making this up) there was a woman with a beard.
The sad thing is that she was pretty old and so I think that she simply gave up on her trimming of it, either that or she was one of the first hippies in Mendocino.

So we went home and all went to bed at some point after that.


Seeing how Friday is followed by Saturday in most weeks, we were glad that Saturday had followed Friday, but we were sad that our trip was nearing ‘the end.’
Saturday we had family coming from other parts of California to meet Abby and see us, so we hung out on the farm.
Becky and I had a good talk and a nice 4 mile walk (half downhill, and half uphill).
I was glad to spend time with my sister.

Then, we got back from the walk and spent time with the family, but later in the afternoon Ed and I went for a longer walk, maybe closer to 5 miles or so.
We too had a good talk and I enjoyed the periodic joking that Ed and I are wont to do.
I won’t tell you what we talked about because its none of your business.
But on our way back to the farm we ran into Sha’i, Jess and Brennan – who had also gone to take a walk.
They did so because they’re copy-cats.

That night we went to dinner to celebrate my brother’s 24st birthday, even though he hadn’t technically had it yet (we were a day early).
We went to a nice Mexican restaurant in Philo called “Libby’s.”
I had two glasses of wine, which was one too many, and so pretty much everything everyone said was funny.
What was even funnier was when we were leaving the place and Ed ‘let wind’ (barking spiders, fluff, toot, pass gas, fart, emit gas etc.) – I thought I would die laughing.
It was like laughing gas.

I sobered up in about 30 minutes and when we got home we played cribbage (Ed, Jess, Aunt Willette and I).
Willette and I won – we rocked.
Ed and Jess came close though – they were unfortunately not skunked.


Sunday was leaving time.
This was sad and I sobbed all the way down the hill but had pretty much dried it up by Philo.
Boonville hadn’t changed much either.
We looked forward to Sauceleto (sorry if I spelled that wrong) because there we’d pick up Sean Franzen and he’d accompany us to the SFO ariport where we’d fly home.
Seeing Sean was great, I recommend it for everyone.
You should contact Sean and ask him to take pictures of you because he’s good.
If you don’t we’ll have to hunt you down and force you to eat mushrooms until they really don’t taste like anything.

So, to sum things up, we took a trip, we flew, we drove, we walked, we talked, and on our flight home Abby stayed up the whole time except for the last fifteen minutes of each flight.
We got home late Sunday night and we’re finally beating jet lag.

Resting in Him,


So We Had a Girl…

Abigirl Perterman

Abigail Ruth Peterman turns 366 days old today, and those of you who aren’t too
quick on the uptake, she’s one.
God has blessed us with this amazing little girl who is already walking, jabbering
(with a few actual words coming out).
Abigail (Abby) is just amazing in the things she’s learning.
The clencher for me was when she started running to the door when I get home from
work (and when I say run I mean a staggering, quick walk for baby legs).
I am a hero – I am Superman in this little girl’s eyes… I have an amazing role in
her life and I pray to God I may fulfill it through Him.

Jessica took to being a mom like a televangelist takes your money.
It seems that mothering is almost all she has time to do 😉
Though, I must confess Jessica has maintained the house, prepared for MOPS
hospitality (first meeting today) and fed me my allergy-free food – all
without a bunch of whining.
She’s a great woman of God (but if you read this site regularly you already
know I think that).

Great Grandparents

For those of you who are not intimately aware of all of our plans we’re running
away for a week, and Jessica and Abby are running away for even longer.
We’re going to take a three state tour with concert stops in WA, OR, and our
last gig will be in CA.
In all of that Abigail will see her grandpa and grandma Forland, grandpa and
grandma Peterman, Uncle and Aunt Peer, Uncle and Aunt Peterman (Ed and
Sha’i) and Aunt Becky.
She’ll be hanging with her cousin Brennan too!

But the thing I’m most excited about (excuse me for my personal opinion, but
if you don’t like it – buy your won domain) is we’ll be having all of my
family in one place (all being a very relative term) and Abby will get
to meet her great grandparents Earl ‘Pete’ Peterman and Marolyn Peterman.
We’ll also get to see Ed on his birthday – which is pretty darn cool!


Work has been good.
I’ve been working on a top-secret project.
I have now just taunted you…
I can say no more.


Changes to the Site

OK. So I’ve talked to some family, friends, and site nuts (ha, like there’s actually people who are site nuts) and gotten some feedback.
I was told that when I changed the site or added content, or did something worth noting that I should note it here.
So when you now come to www.randypeterman.com and find yourself thinking, “Hmmm. I wonder what the crazy admin guy here at this site has changed.”
You’ll simply be able to read the ‘news’ section’s articles and get an update.

The site’s backend has been re-done so that its database driven.
This means that you as the end user will have absolutely no difference in experience (as of now), but later on I hope to use this to make a more powerful set of tools.

If you discover anything broken, please let me know at randy@randypeterman.com.

Also – you may have noticed at the bottom of the pages there’s some new icons – let me explain:

  • XHTML compliance is good – this means that my site complies with standards and may help your browser render it faster, and more accurately.
  • CSS compliance is good – this means that some devices like cell phones, Palm Pilots, Pocket PC’s and really old browsers will still be able to show these pages – but not so beautifully.

Souled to the Biased Hitter

The above title means nothing its a punny twist on a spoonerism.
For those of you who find the previous sentence confusing, may
I recommend dictionary.com.
Once you’ve looked up puns and spoonerisms you can move onto the important stuff.
You know, things like Abby’s walking, I’m finally done with my
reading/listening of the Old Testament, Jessica’s a great
wife and more.
Also, I washed the cars this morning.
Gross – dirt is dirty (Kinda like sin is sinful? Romans 7:13).

The Jabberwocky

When I was a lad my dad introduced me to the
This of course is foreign to most people (like my humor?) however Abigail has once again brought to my attention the idea of Jabber-Walking.
She is just going on and on now about utter nonsense.
Words that she says are mamamama and dadadadada and pish (fish) and cat and this.
I find that most anything can be a “this”.
She points randomly to things and says, “This?”
As Ray Romano says, “There’s no segway with kids. You go from, ‘Are you going to come home tomorrow dad?,’ to, ‘I have a thousand pennies.'”
Abigail was really fascinated with keys for a time.
Now, its the little rubber ends on door stops (she pulls them off and sucks on them, which is followed by a spanking when we discover it).
However, with all of that, she’s cute and she’s taking steps – lots of them.

Old Testament Journey

During a long walk with my friend Paul Henebury he encouraged me to read through the Bible – regularly.
This was something I knew I should do, but frankly have not done but once, and even then it was a while ago.
I finished reading (and listening, my in-laws gave me the Bible on CD-audio [THANKS!!!!]) the Old Testament
and am now digging heartily into Matthew.
I was struck by the sense of passion in the Ezekial, awed by Jonah’s blatant hatred of the Ninevites, and
wondered by the end times descriptions of a merciful God sparing His people, and yet demanding justice.

I hope to be able to read through the Bible at least 2 times a year from now on.
I’m not going to keep a strict schedule, but I know that if you read about 10 chapters a day
(I’d keep Psalm 119 to itself) you can read the Bible in ~6 months.
Sure, you’ll run into questions if you’ve never done it before, but think about how much of
the Old Testament so many of us have not read and think about how much of the New Testament
depends on an Old Testament context or understanding (context?).

If you’d like more info on reading through the Bible and schedules for it:

  • Crosswalk.com – read online in multiple translations, or listen in Real Audio (Yuck, I don’t like RA, hyowever, I recommend reading in the NASB, usually)
  • Back to the Bible – a site with various reading plans, pretty darn cool.

Jessica is the Bomb!

I married a great wife.

I can’t say that enough.

If your wife is half as good as Jessica you’re a lucky man.
She takes such good care of our little girl, she makes our home a nest, and she doesn’t complain about not having a house yet.
She is diligent to stay on the budget and even looks for ways to get ahead.
She’s smart (even if she did marry me).
The loves the Lord most of all, and that makes me a proud (yet biblically humble ;)) man.

Other Stuff

We’re doing well in every other sense I think.
We’re planning on going to OR, WA, and CA all in 9 days or so in August/September.

Resting in Him,


Happy Birthday Brennan and Erin!

July 10th

Well, my nephew Brennan (Peterman!), has managed to become older again.
While he does this every minute of everyday those elements compounded into a whole year lapsing.
Brennan is becoming quite the little boy and from the news reports I get from his mother and
grandmother and aunt (oh, and dad, too) he’s learning all kinds of fun stuff.
Fortunately he’s not (Orthodox) Jewish, because he’s also quite a ham.
Brennan, you’re a cute kid, don’t let your dad ‘free’ any more ducks ;).

July 12th

Erin M. Nuzzi (Mrs. Frank A. Nuzzi), a long time friend, ex-co-worker (can you have that many dashes in a
‘word’ Erin?), wife of one of my best friends, mother to two little boys, daughter of parents, reader
of many books, MOPS member, Matron of honor at our wedding, and all around awesome sister-in-Christ
is also older (did I mention daughter of ‘bean’?).
However, the years have been kind to her and she’s been kind to us and will be joining us next weekend
most likely (Yippee!).
Erin has been a close friend to us ever since we got to know her and her fabulous husband whilst I worked
at the “Manager” (Manger, but for some reason people had a hard time with that).
We were next-door neighbors for a while and she and Jessica endured Tony, Clint (her brother) and I
cutting up like a trio of kids at an ADD convention.

July 11th

So the dates for this ‘blog entry are out of order, that’s because I had to get my priorities straight.
Also, one other thing I needed to get straight (but couldn’t quite manage it) were water skis.
On the 11th, Alt-N, the company I work for, had a party
at lake Grapevine.
Over all it was awesome – I got to go tubing and try water skiing.
I was horrible at water skiing and completely failed at it, however, I learned something key – Forearms.
I have no forearms today, and frankly typing hurts, my legs are a bit sunburned, my legs hurt, my
back hurts, and I got completely sick and wiped out from dehydration (my own fault) so that I was unable
to do anything but lie in bed for the rest of the evening until after 7:30.
With my understanding of the need for food and hydration I’d do it all over again with the slight change
of having food and more water.
I want to exercise now so that if there’s a next time I’ll get to actually get up on the skis.

With that in mind, I’ve taken to a strict regimine of doing everything else I’ve normally done for
the next couple of days while I recouperate, but then, but then… then I’m going to start
working out heavily so that I can be in T4 (Terminator Forearm: Water Ski’s Revenge).
The water was so fun I have to say its the best fun I’ve had at a lake in a long time, probably since
Lake Tahoe, 4th of July, many moons ago.
If you’ve not been water skiing (or tried at least) you should attempt to do so, preferably behind a
boat with a high powered engine, I saw some guy out on the lake with a paddle boat and I couldn’t
think of a worse way to try to water ski.
I recommend getting your legs and arms ready and having a generally good muscle tone probably wouldn’t
be too bad either.

That’s all for now, this typing is killing my arms and I still need them for taking care of ‘Abigator’ 🙂

Resting in Him,