Oh, What’s a Few Months?

So much has happened since I have written an article for this site that I apologize.
I’ll try to be brief, but cover a lot of territory.
We have been busy, in fact I haven’t been calling everyone like I’d like.
I’m writing this at 11:00PM just to get something into my full day.

Abigail (the reason people check this site) is doing well.
She’s got the tip of one tooth protruding from her bottom gums, and another one on its way up next to it.
She’s not walking yet, but she’s getting close.
She’s standing up on her own every once in a while, but still is not taking any steps.
Most people warn us that when she starts taking steps she’ll be running shortly after that.
I don’t care, she’s such an amazing little girl that her ability to run to me when I get home will only make work seem longer.

She did crawl towards me with an outstretched arm one or two mornings, which made it hard to go to work.
However, work has been going well, and Jessica has been doing well around the apartment when she’s here.
Jessica is often on the phone with her mom… every day.
We got SBC’s new all in one package that gives us faster internet connection (ADSL), unlimited long distance, and a slightly better rate on our cell phones.
Linda gets to talk to Abby most of those times as well.

We went to Austin (I’ll post some video footage soon) and had a blast with Tony & Erin and Josh & Davis.
I took a class on Dispensationalism from Arnold Fruchtenbaum @ Tyndale.
We went to Sherman this last weekend to visit Jess’ cousin & family.
And my parents are coming into town tomorrow.

Last week we started discipleship (I’m leading) with a family we’ve enjoyed getting to know (the Gomez’s Rob, Amy & Kaly).
And, most importantly, I’m going to go to bed now.

Resting in Him,