Weekend Wackiness with the Nuzzi Clan


Jessica and I have known Tony and Erin Nuzzi for more years than I can
remember (or at least I am being too lazy to calculate).
We’ve known them for a long time and they were both in our wedding.
However, they’ve since then had two boys.
Those two boys, Josh and Davis, are fabulous kids, the kind of kids you’d
sell your old used car to help sell enough boy scouts popcorn so that
they could go to Nasa space camp and learn a bunch of lies about how
old the universe is and then, when they got home tell them everything
about macro-evolution is goofy – I think you know what kind of kids I’m
talking about.


So we had them up, being Resurrection Weekend (Christianese for Easter
Weekend – “Easter” is a Pagan holiday.) so that our families could spend
time together.
Last year we had Resurrection Weekend together in Austin, so it was nice to
have it here.
Friday night Jessica and Erin went out after the kiddos went to bed and saw a
I don’t recall what movie it was, but obviously their review of it didn’t
impress me enough to remember…surprise.
Tony and I stayed home and watched some Fawlty Towers and then started to
watch a 1970’s (MAYBE 1980’s) Christian movie – the content of which
was not worth finishing – it was too hokey.
Then when the gals got home we all stayed up until about 1:00 chatting and
then went to bed.
I can’t tell you what we talked about because this is the web and all the
people who read it may not understand our inside jokes.


Saturday morning came about 3 hours earlier than it usually does because
we’d stayed up so late.
The kids think that since they didn’t stay up they should get up at their
regular time – what an inconvenience ;).
So Saturday we got up expecting a huge storm, the weather forecasters had
been prognosticating its arrival all week long.
As is typical the weather was not accurately following the instructions
that the weather men and women had prescribed.
So since it was a sunny day we went to ride a train, the tarantula train.
It wasn’t running on Saturdays like we had thought so we used this as an
opportunity to teach Josh (the only young kiddo with the cognitive
understanding to know he’d been lied to) about how politicians twist
the truth.
OK, so maybe we didn’t use it as an opportunity to twist the truth, really
we used it as an opportunity to go to the Britsh Emporium store and
bay exorbitant amounts of money for imported candy.

We then (after grabbing a bite to eat at Quizno’s Subs) went home and hung
out while Josh watched Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed for the 183rd time
of his life.
After dinner we went to Putt-Putt and played miniature golf.
Tony has an unfair advantage because IBM owns a mini-golf course in Austin
and he practices multiple times a week.
So after sweeping the game he and I went on some bumper boats and hosed
one another off.
This of course presented a real problem – my boat stopped squirting water
in the middle of the session.
So, just as you suspected, I got soaking wet without causing anyone else
to look like they had just taken a bath.

Later on, after golf and the kids were in bed Tony and I went to
Alt-N and jammed and talked about guy stuff.
If you’re not sure what guys talk about, just ask one…nothing.
This is, as Jerry Seinfeld points out, the exact thing we’re thinking when
you ask us.
Men talk, think and do nothing most of the time.
Even when we’re doing something it equates to not much or nothing in the
grand scheme of things.


Sunday we went to church and listened to an Easter, I mean Resurrection
Sunday, musical.
Over all it wasn’t bad, but it had room for improvement because I’m a
whiney pickey musician.
Then we came home and ate large quantities of food and still left enough
left-overs to feed a small family (such as ours) for a couple days.
This is good because the expense of Ham is such that it seems no Orthodox
Jewish family can afford it.

And now it is now.
Sunday is not over, but this news update is.
I mean, I can’t really tell you about what happened the rest of today if
it hasn’t happened yet.
So, you’ll have to check back and see what’s happening.
Also, I hope to get some more pictures of Abigail online shortly, we got
them developed, but I haven’t scanned them yet.
Maybe some day soon I’ll get a digital Camry.
Although probably not because I’m not a big Camry fan, I fancy myself a
Honda guy in general 🙂

Resting in Him,

Randy Peterman