Sunday Plug: Michael Hyatt’s This is Your Life

Starting a new tradition is good. It’s part of habit forming.  So on Sundays, let’s do a plug of someone else that you should be taking insights, ideas, and personal or managerial growth from.  Today I want to celebrate Michael Hyatt and his This is Your Life Podcast.  It’s a great podcast with very practical discussions about personal growth, leadership growth, and general wisdom.  Some favorite earlier episodes (I am a bit behind) include:

How to Take Control of Your Email Inbox

How To Benefit from Setbacks and Failures

How Leaders Can Create Alignment

How to Create a Life Plan

I’m not going to suggest you skip around, most episodes are incredibly useful (unless you don’t blog or publish or want personal growth). The episodes after the earliest involve Michelle Cushatt as the co-host.  Definitely worth a regular listen.

If you listen to his podcast, what are your favorite episodes?

– the MGMT