The Impact of Management

I have had a large number of weird and excellent experiences with management throughout my career. I’ve embarrassed myself in front of owners, C-level executives, VP’s and of course flung myself off of the cliffs onto the rocks of first line managers. Somehow I’m still employed. I’ve complained about leaders who have “jokingly” called me a racist [my friends would disagree], leaders who asked for a 360 feedback and then attacked me for being honest, and had leaders who decided personal growth was for the birds.

Managers can deliver culture, purpose, career growth, and opportunity. I’ve worked for leaders that made me want to fight in the trenches next to them and lay all of my energy and skills on the line. I’ve had leaders who made me feel like one of God’s gifts to the software field. They made their team their family – and I was a special part of that.

So philosophy of management should be cared for and taken in as a personal mission for those who lead. Something to be done deliberately because the default is entropy.

I want to be a manager because of what the best of what management can bring, and to help stop the spread of bad management.

– the MGMT