Color Schemer Studio

If you’re like me you’re a 20 something, white, anglo-saxon, protestant man with dirty blond hair married to an attractive gal with a 22 month old daughter and living in Denver. OK, so you may not be that much like me, but if you’re also like me you are not a color genius. I wear blue jeans and a white shirt most days. If I’m not wearing a white shirt I’m wearing a blue shirt.

However, this application ‘Color Schemer Studio‘ rocks my web design world. I can generate nice color schemes, and generate CSS files that I can edit with TopStyle. This is a simple looking interface, but it has a really nice, neat, clean, intuitive interface (can’t use enough descriptives with this color coordination application) so using it is easy.

I bought a copy after using the 15 day trial for 10 minutes. I didn’t need to look longer than that to know that I’ll use the cost of this up, plus some in no time while working on WorldClient and any other projects that come my way.

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  1. Could not agree more. I develop internal applications for our corporate intranet and this is a jewel. Major time saver.

    Also worth a look is a program called color cop. It lets you move a “dropper” around your screen and tells you the hex value of the color you are hovering on…Simple but nice.

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