Caffeinated soda raises hypertension risk in black teens, White teens off the hook

As CNN points out there’s no real harm if you’re white and drink four soda’s a day [Translation for those of you in the south: a soda is a ‘Coke‘]. I am so glad that I can let my white daughter consume four sodas and she’ll be safe. I’m glad that her heart will not be effected, her chance for diabetes will not be effected, her teeth will not be effected and other things won’t be effected because soda’s primary risk is caffeine.

Lucky me I drink Coffee so I’m in the clear, too.

Sam Walton = Evil

Internet Anagram Server: Anagrams for sam walton
proves that WalMart is bad. Sam Walton’s name can have its letters re-arranged to ‘Slam a town.’ Also, it could be re-arranged to be Satan M. Owl. Actually, I’m pretty sure that these anagrams mean nothing (Randy Peterman = A MAP NERD ENTRY), but I had to continue my fight against the juggernaut.

Gollum was a Victoria’s Secret Model Once

We bought the Lord of the Rings: Two Towers DVD set a week ago and I
was watching how they used computers to tweak a real person to look like
what is rendered as Gollum.
This is not too different from our ‘cleaning up’ images of models for
advertisements, pornography and publicity shots.
This sort of thing cracks me up.

Anyway, the extra stuff on the DVD set is really neat and I was impressed
with all of the work that went into making the movie as cool as it was.
If you haven’t bought the set, you may consider doing so, its worth your
We enjoyed the extended scenes and we are enjoying the extra material.

OK, that’s all for now.

Happy Thankgiving Tomorrow!


Resting in Him,

Randy Peterman