Things You See Looking Down:Position, Not Just Condition

When you’ve got a heavenly perspective you don’t mind seeing believers as co-saints, no matter how gnarly they are, because you have an eternal perspective.  In fact the fact you get to fellowship with someone who is a co-believer is exciting.  A positional aspect is judging a lot of extraneous stuff that just doesn’t matter, but a heavenly, positional aspect builds up the believers and they rejoice in their eternal security, their eternal position, and their seating with Christ in the heavenlies.

I Get To Go On A Date With My Wife

Thanks to my mom and dad for watching the girls tonight while Jessica and I go on a date.  She’s a pretty hot date and I’m grateful for a few moments of time where the two of us can discuss life, liberty & the pursuit of snappiness.  Just had to share that.  I love my wife.

Busy, But Good

I sure am glad you’re reading this.  There are some interesting things coming up:

1) Who scheduled the holidays this close to now?  I didn’t sign up for this speed of year progression

2) The girls are just cuter than ever, but their attitudes and age are showing.  I blame anyone else but me.

3) The wall project moved a tiny bit forward this weekend despite the approximately 5 hours I’ve put into it in the last 2 weeks.  I’ve got a lot of plaster/joint compound work left.  This week I’m going to try to get a little time in

4) I’m scheduled to be in our church’s Christmas play instead of just playing music along with it.  Yeah, Mr. Actor-Pantz.  Everything you know is wrong.

5) Seriously, when you come to Denver, go eat at Dozen’s.

Funny Evie Quote

My sister-in-law Kelsey took Evie on an Auntie – Niece date and asked Evie, “How did you get so big?”

Evie’s response was classic: “You tell me.”

Yup, she’s four!

She’s getting so big its blowing my mind.  Don’t get me started on Abby, who is also just turning into  a big girl and has all but lost everything that made her a little girl.  Being a dad is awesome, but this growing up bit is mind boggling.