The Default’s Fault

Entropy, it’s all around us. It kicks us in the shins all day long. Entropy is the default. We’re falling apart, we’re missing things, we’re letting our plates tilt just a bit to let stuff fall off of them while we look away from where we’re going. It kinda sucks. I spoke to one manager who mentioned that he’d gone on vacation and returned to discover entropy had kicked in where he left off. And then I spoke to another and another.

The default often has gaps because it isn’t thought through thoroughly. It leaves us wanting more coverage, completion, and closure. The default costs us in time, money, and stress more often than not because training hasn’t been done, the training isn’t the culture and the culture has not carried the standard.

But what can save us from this default-based entropy? What will change our training? What will change our culture? Deliberately managing.

Doing the deliberate, thought out, thing will lead to more excellence more often. It will change culture, it will change the way we make choices because it will have an influencial principle or rule gating what is the better choice from the lesser choice.

Don’t go with the default, champion the deliberate!

What are you letting slide that you can change in the next 48 hours?

– the MGMT