Get Your Bucket List Of Your Back

I realized in a bout of insomnia that I have a bucket list problem.  I live with some wierd internal regrets that are not useful in function or legitimate in source.  I really wanted to grow up to be a rock star musician when I was a teenager. It was on my bucket list that I record an album and every year I tell myself,  “This will be the year.” And then it isn’t.

I have two months left until I’m 37, and I no longer want to be famous,  I just want to leave something behind. And with that in mind my bucket list is dumped out. I will try to record some music,  I’ve recorded some already,  but really I need to do what’s important to get to the next phase of maturing. And that doesn’t need regrets or an album. Besides,  who buys albums any more?

Behold the waffle song, a song I recorded despite not wanting to put it on an album.