Indianapolis Museum of Art

Today we went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  I’d show you pictures, but for some reason they don’t allow them there.  It is as though I would take them and pass the artwork off as my own.  That being said, you should go there if you find yourself in Indianapolis.  It is free entry, and it is right next to a beautiful garden that you can also tour (which is worth seeing, free).  I’m not what you would call an art ‘fan’, but I also figure that art is important to explore and learn about (in the context of non-naked art).  We had a great time looking at various bits, but at present there were two installations that I really thought were interesting.

The first exhibit we looked at that I enjoyed a lot was a fashion exhibit.  While I’m a t-shirt and jeans guy the exhibit showed styles and dresses from the last 100 years and what blew me away was that many of them could have been worn by people today.  It made me think that maybe the newness of those things we see on reality TV is really just recycling and re-hashing.  I also enjoyed that one designer took a man’s suite, tore it apart and turned it into a woman’s dress and in so doing made a creative expression, but also mocked the designers of the time (or so said my wife, who knows about these things and is a regular commentator on all things fashion).  There was also an interesting display that showed dress patterns over several hundred years, but all of the patterns were done in the same white material so you could observe the gradual changes in the patterns and not be distracted by the materials and prints/weaves that they would have had.  My engineer/nerd self was quite pleased with this display.

Secondly they had the most awesome marble-on-a-track fixture.  It was large and went through no less than 4 rooms.  It took about 5 minutes to complete (possibly longer) and the girls and I ran after the marble.  Except that the marble was a volleyball sized plastic ball and the track was huge.  If you miss the Indy 500 (and I would), this is another race to see, and the crashes never happen so you don’t have to worry about the plastic marbles dying.

One other thing I thought was cool was a 360/mobeus strip sort of model sailing ship.  I’m not sure how to describe it, but it was a perfect example of the sort of thing that was at once creative and abnormal as well as very detailed and precise.

If you find yourself in Indy, go there, you won’t be sad you did.