Abby Was Baptized Today

Abby was baptized today, so that was cool.  Except last night I told her that Grandpa Peterman (an elder at our church) would officiate and I would accompany him in case I cried.  I told Abby I was emotional sometimes.  The baptistm went well and Abby and her aunt Kelsey, and the children of another family (Go, Doans!) all publicly testified to their faith.  This was all good and I’m excited for them.

As it turns out Abby’s Sunday school teacher asked if I was going to do the baptism myself.  She replied in the negative.  When Mike, her teacher, asked why I was not going to do the baptism she said, “My dad has emotional problems.”

So there’s that.


Abby was learning about stereotypes in school.  We discussed the concept of stereotypes at dinner and Abby said to Jessica, “I’ve been stereotyped before, Mom.  Someone thought I was born in Colorado.”

And that, my friends, is stereotypism.

Read Alice In Wonderland

If you can read (and you’re reading this – so you have no excuse) and you have not already read Alice in Wonderland, please find a copy and get it before your eyes (or fingers) and enjoy the humor in it.  I’m reading it to Abby & Evie right now and its great fun.  You will not be miss-appointed.