New Years Eve

It’s nearing midnight…I hope that my neighbors aren’t too loud at 12:00, because I’m going to sleep. I’m tired and quite frankly, I’m exhausted.
We went to the Henebury’s tonight, which was good. We’ve not been there for some time.
Their friends the Hamblets were there as well (they may very well become our friends if we’re not careful[that’s a joke]).
Finally, after a long evening, Abby couldn’t take any more and so we’ve come home.

2003 has been a cool year, and has yielded a lot of fruit, but the best fruit of all is that it brings us closer to the return of the Lord, Jesus Christ.
I’m excited to be with my Savior, even though now I’m presently seated with Him (Colossians 3).

I look forward to 2004 because Abby will be getting older, we might have more children (or at least try, Lord willing), and any moment could be yet another exciting story, moment, or maybe, just maybe I’ll be using Microsoft Office and my co-workers will come dump water on my head, just like in the commercials.

Actually, those commercials cause me concern.
The reason they do is that 1) The people are all just a little too happy and 2) if you got your computer wet like that you’d lose all of that valuable data that just got you dumped on.

But I digress.
May the Lord bless you in 2004, may He be glorified in my life, your life, and in the content of this web site.

Resting in Him,

Randy Peterman