Design Work: I Love It

I’ve been doing iterative design work for a podcaster I know and respect.  When the time comes I’ll be able to announce who it is, but I have to say: I love it!  Design is subjective, but even if things are super simple, and I hope that you think they are when you see it, they need to be well thought out.  There needs to be a reduction in clutter, distractions, and elements on the page that make for a poorer user experience.

The other thing that I’ve loved is the back and forth between myself and this podcaster.  He knows just enough of what he wants that I don’t feel in the dark, but he’s also given me some freedom to help clean things up as well.  We’ve worked well as a team despite my generally busy schedule.  Late nights can take their toll, but I’ve been energized by the design process, and design is just a great outlet for me to get some creative juices out.  Thanks mystery podcaster for letting me participate in your fun!

One Reply to “Design Work: I Love It”

  1. My pleasure! You’ve done an amazing job, making the whole thing look clean and sharp. Now if we can just put that property where it belongs, we’ll be all set!

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