Tonight at dinner I referenced Val Kilmer’s role as Doc Holiday and said, “I’ll be your huckleberry.” My friend’s son, davis, misheard me. He said in return, “But I don’t want you to be my uncle Mary.” Hilarious.

North Carolina, Duck!

I’ve had an incredibly relaxing and fun week so far.  We’ve been on vacation, and aside from a few work emails hitting my phone, I’ve been pretty much focused on friends and family.  I have never been to the Atlantic Ocean before Sunday night.  I’ve had (or will have) a few firsts on this trip and I’m very excited for the chance to be part of this family vacation.  I’ll post some more pictures soon, but as a ‘stop gap’ here’s one:

Your Worldview Forces Your Conclusion

Just to point out what should be obvious, but is not: if you hold to a worldview, you’re going to come to conclusions that are unlikely to shatter your worldview.

Scientists who have a worldview that is based on a macro-evolutionary pre-condition are likely to conclude things that tie in with that worldview. Creationists will do the same. I do this. I find that in our relativistic culture this is kind of a missing conclusion in the minds of many people.

It is like the Republican and Democrat. They both swear up and down that a vote for any person but their candidate is a vote for [Satan, or the opposing party]. This is simply not true. It is a vote for the other option. You are beholden to a political view that I am unlikely to persuade you from [I’m one of the minority who is registered independent or undecided].

Trying to get someone to leave their worldview is like [some sexual reference here].

I probably make more money than someone else.

There, this post is highly inflammatory now. I have mentioned religion, sex, politics, and money. You’re also probably wrong [NOW it’s really inflamatory]