The Snow Storm

Today church was canceled because the snow storm made driving to church from longer distances risky.  Since our body of believers drive in from various places into Denver proper the elders decided it was safer for everyone that we not obsess about Sunday morning and instead stay safe.

I’m thankful for our elders and their gracious outlook on life.  I could write a boatload more, but I’ll keep this post short.  I’ve got a lot to do today 🙂

Nonsense and Stuff

Some friends are moving to Cal-e-fornia from Tejas.  I don’t know why, but apparently they want to move from where it is hot and humid to where it is hotter and humidor. That being said, I wrote a very quick ditty to celebrate this wonderful opportunity.  You may listen to it below:

I’m Moving to CA

Disclosure: I was born in California, this song is, like almost all of my work, tongue-in-cheek.

Slate Scrabbles

I just installed 9 slate tiles in our front entry area at lunch.  Tiles.  Like Scrabble.  Only with the worst typography ever!  You can’t even spell anything with the tiles I used.  And they’re imperfect.  The weird thing is that the imperfection is the stuff that you want to avoid in some parts of life, but they make the slate cool.

The slate has lots of colors and I had to cut it down by a quarter inch or so on both of the sides (it’s a square tile, so you only cut two sides).  It has different thicknesses, too.  We could have found similar thicknesses, but that would have taken potentially hours or choosing colors and patterns we didn’t like just for a thickness difference.

Part of me worries that this looks like a total “DIY” project.

Part of me worries that it will make our house look less cool to some guess.

Part of me worries that I’m even worrying.

It’s kind of like having a crap set of letters in Scrabble and you play near a triple word score and you’re worried that the other person has a Z or Q and they’re totally going to eat you alive.  Except it’s tile – so really it doesn’t matter that much.  Next month I could rip it out and put in something else that we like more.

Who’s winning?


Tonight at dinner I referenced Val Kilmer’s role as Doc Holiday and said, “I’ll be your huckleberry.” My friend’s son, davis, misheard me. He said in return, “But I don’t want you to be my uncle Mary.” Hilarious.

North Carolina, Duck!

I’ve had an incredibly relaxing and fun week so far.  We’ve been on vacation, and aside from a few work emails hitting my phone, I’ve been pretty much focused on friends and family.  I have never been to the Atlantic Ocean before Sunday night.  I’ve had (or will have) a few firsts on this trip and I’m very excited for the chance to be part of this family vacation.  I’ll post some more pictures soon, but as a ‘stop gap’ here’s one:

Your Worldview Forces Your Conclusion

Just to point out what should be obvious, but is not: if you hold to a worldview, you’re going to come to conclusions that are unlikely to shatter your worldview.

Scientists who have a worldview that is based on a macro-evolutionary pre-condition are likely to conclude things that tie in with that worldview. Creationists will do the same. I do this. I find that in our relativistic culture this is kind of a missing conclusion in the minds of many people.

It is like the Republican and Democrat. They both swear up and down that a vote for any person but their candidate is a vote for [Satan, or the opposing party]. This is simply not true. It is a vote for the other option. You are beholden to a political view that I am unlikely to persuade you from [I’m one of the minority who is registered independent or undecided].

Trying to get someone to leave their worldview is like [some sexual reference here].

I probably make more money than someone else.

There, this post is highly inflammatory now. I have mentioned religion, sex, politics, and money. You’re also probably wrong [NOW it’s really inflamatory]