Filters & Feathers

I am not lying to you when I say I have bought a new filter for my shop-vac.  That’s right, I have a shop-vac with a new filter and I am ready to use it.  I am ready to make that filter wish it was never born.  It will be like so many washed up Hollywood starlettes wishing that it had stopped sniffing in the powder that I am about to rub off of my walls in an attempt to make them look nice.  The walls will be drywalls, but the shop-vac is a wet-dry shop-vac so I could in theory saturate the walls with water and the vacuum would still work!  Of course a house with saturated walls is not a house, its a home for Sponge Bob Squarepants.  Given the past owner’s penchant for hacks, shortcuts and setting up electrical situations that are sure to start a fire, I think I’ll keep the walls dry.

I’m trying to wrap up the wall work so that when my in-laws come next week for Christmas festivities we all enjoy time together and not working to wrap up the wall work.  In some countries this is unheard of, but mostly because they have not knocked the non-existent wall out from between their non-existent two rooms.  With that in mind, be like congress and stimulate someone’s economy like Cash for Clunkers, only because there are folks in need of chickens we’ll call it Cash for Cluckers.  Take some time to look around the World Vision site and buy a goat, some chickens, sheep, or even help fund a well.  I’d much rather have water be able to get into their lives through a well and have the problem of needing a wet-dry vac.

Speaking of which, does Dyson make a sand sucker?  Because I’m thinking in some of the places I’ve seen pictures of they need that.  Wait, they don’t have electricity… ZAP!!

Accidents with Purpose

Our friends Mike & Louanne were in an accident 10 years ago today that could have been life ending or much more severely life altering.  They put up a blog post about it which you can read here.  The Lord has used Mike & Louanne in our lives over and over and reading this make me thankful all the more for our friendship. They have been instrumental in our well being emotionally, spiritually, and through my work with Mike at Alt-N, financially.  Go read this and be inspired and take a few moments to meditate on what really matters in life and how God may very well be trying to teach you something in the less than fun moments in life.

A Podcast Worth Listening To: TWIP Photo

I like photography.  I’m no brilliant photographer such as some of my friends, but I like it.  Theres a podcast out there for the more geeky photographers out there:  Check it out, because its quite good and information is always nice to have.  I learned about HDR photography there as well, which I have to explore more.

Pimping My Own Stuff: Credit Rate Reduction Rally

This week I’ve started a Credit Rate Reduction Rally.  This is a movement to get people to consider calling their credit card companies and asking for/demanding a lower interest rate on their old credit cards.  A lot of consumers don’t realize that they can get lower interest rates and this is a way to build awareness.  I’d love to hear any stories that you’ve got about trying to get lower interest rates, or in some cases, what rates you were able to get and what techniques you used to get them.  Some people have to fight for lower rates and others just get them for being on time with payments.

Do please check it out, and if you use, please ‘digg’ the link above.  Oh, and I’d love to have you blog this, or tell a friend about their opportunity.  I’ll be writing an article a day this week on the benefits of lowering your credit card interest rate.  Here’s the first article.

Apple Does Right with iPhone Changes

I just read this post from Steve Jobs on regarding the iPhone price drop this week.  Good on Apple for offering to at least a small repayment for the major price drop after only two months of their iPhone being on the market.  I know I probably sound like a fanboy, but Apple continues to impress me with their customer service and their customer centered model of business.

Why should you buy an Apple product?  Because their customer service is not matched by enough tech companies and it will shock you [in a good way].

Color Me More Biaseder

If I wasn’t biased before – I am more biased now.  Microsoft has patented an adware framework.  They want to patent the concept and lets pray that they don’t use it.  You can read more about it here.  I’m a Mac & Linux fanboy, and I know that many of you know that, but please, for all that is good let Microsoft know this is unacceptable.

Show Me the Money

I’ve started a new blog about what I’m learning in the world of finances.  Its a rather transparent blog about what I don’t know, what I do know, and what I want to learn.  You can read it by going to   I’m going to be doing some interviews soon to create an audio podcast as well.  I still need to work up a site style & theme, but there is already some writing up for you to peruse, critique and evaluate.  Also, if you’ve got questions about various principles or things you want to learn more about shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to research the answer so I can learn and you can learn, too!

Recent Reading

I’ve been reading a finance blog the last week, and since I’ve enjoyed it, I thought I’d pass along the link: The Simple Dollar.  There are many, many things that I’ve learned about the philosophical side of money growing up, but somehow I’ve managed to not apply them until recently.  We pay the price for those bad choices longer than the instant gratification lets us think about.  I’d gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today doesn’t do well when you repeat the transaction a thousand times.  Give it a look-see.  Look for more from me on the money front in the future, I have a plan!