Nonsense and Stuff

Some friends are moving to Cal-e-fornia from Tejas.  I don’t know why, but apparently they want to move from where it is hot and humid to where it is hotter and humidor. That being said, I wrote a very quick ditty to celebrate this wonderful opportunity.  You may listen to it below:

I’m Moving to CA

Disclosure: I was born in California, this song is, like almost all of my work, tongue-in-cheek.

What Can You Say?

My friend Steve works during the Summers on his family’s cherry farm.  Steve’s got a great sense of humor and is quite down to earth.  This was a happy birthday song for him.

Shine, Shine, Shine

So I’ve been writing ‘birthday’ songs for my friends at Alt-N in Texas.  I’m going to be posting links to some of the songs here because I’m getting some positive feedback for them.  Here’s the song for Laura: Happy Birthday Laura.mp3.  Her birthday is right before Christmas and so I figured that she’s probably tired of the birthmas presents that combined both gifts into one.