You know you’re a geek when you see the text “MAP” and think there’s an I missing (IMAP or MAPI, you’re call.).

Alternate confession: I thought of also titling this “An Eye for an I.”

On Being a Consultant

So far I haven’t had a lot of experience at this, but here’s my thoughts so far:

Getting Work Done
A lot of folks (three) have commented on how they didn’t think they could actually be determined to work. They claimed they would be lazy and never get anything done. However, I’ve got three motivators:
1) Self Control
2) Fear
3) My Wife
If I find myself not wanting to work on the Self Control level, where I will myself to work, Fear kicks in. If I don’t get things done, my clients don’t pay me, and I’m hosed. If neither of the other two are working Jessica will kick my behind (she works out every morning) and say, “If you don’t work I can’t buy your crumby wheat-free foods and you’ll starve to death.”
I’m still working on this, but I think that organization is good, everyone should do it. When you figure it out, please let me know.

Actually, I find that because my days are structured almost exactly the way they were when I worked at Alt-N as an employee that I am getting much more done. Primarly because folks aren’t stopping by my office on the way to the bathroom. Oh, and Arvel’s not jamming in the room next to me 😉 [Arvel, you know we love you and your jam times. Props for the headphones.]

Yeah, I’m working on this, too. I have to bill for my first two weeks of work and if I don’t get a bill to my clients, I suppose they’ll have no reason to pay me. Not getting paid would stink because then I’d have to face #3 from above :).

Getting Known
I’m working on getting known by constantly interacting on various forums and also by networking with people who have, do, or know people who have or do web sites.

One example of sites that I’d like to redo is: http://www.burtkunihonda.com/en_US/
Their site dies in any browser besides Internet Explorer and uses more frames than I’ve ever seen used. Seriously. What kind of customer base do you hope to keep if your site won’t work in anything but the latest Microsoft product?

My Friend

Is working out at a gym starting this week. The complaint was that soreness and any weight gain makes you want to give up. I have done that SO many times. Keep going 🙂


I have been listening to VeggieTales CD‘s so much with Abby in the car that this morning I got in and didn’t bother changing it or turning it off. This means one of the following:

  1. I’m a good dad
  2. I’m insane
  3. I’ve become numb to kid’s music
  4. Parents around the world do this every day, so I’m normal

Confused Person

I am confused.

I am really confused.

I have browser issues.

I love Mozilla Firefox but I’ve also been using Opera 7, which has a few nice bells and whistles. In fact, right now I’m writing this post in Opera 7’s Aqua theme, which makes me feel a little better about not owning an Apple.

Will the world ever be safe for me?
I doubt it.