Happy Falker Satherhood!

It’s father’s day. And that means my brain goes to Cake Wrecks which had a series of cakes for father’s day that included an epic cake spelling “error.” I can only tell you that today (technically the day before Father’s day) my daughter Abby presented me with this:


She’s not wrong.

Time as a Value Indicator

My friend Dave talked with me about something that I’d like to blog about.  Something I’ve been wrestling with – but not because it’s bad, but because it is so revealing.  He asked me to list of my priorities, which I did, and then he asked me to tell him how much time I spent on each one of those priorities.  He said, “If your relationship with God [in my case] is your first priority, how much time are you spending on that relationship?” Humbly I confess to you: not enough.  There’s a really big difference between my priority list and my time management.  I need to do some shifting.

As my girls get older I’m trying to spend more personal time with them.  It’s hard with all of the demands on my life, but I want that time to reflect their value and their priority.  Because I work from home Jessica sees me a lot more than many wives may see their husbands.  I get to go on lunch dates with her.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays we often drive the girls to school together and then drive home just the two of us.  I think Jessica knows I’ve got her as a priority and that she’s invaluable to me.

If you think of me, pray for me, I’ve got a lot I’m juggling, but I want to make sure there’s time for the things that matter – I want my friends and family to know they’re valuable to me.

So: what are your priorities?  Do your activities reflect that?  Do your activities reflect value to the outside observer or the recipient of the time?


This morning on the way to school Jessica asked the girls what we should do while some friends come into town this summer. Abby replied, “Let’s go to the art museum!”

Jessica suggested that not everyone might enjoy the art museum because not everyone is like us in the things they enjoy.

Abby: “yeah, we’re a nerd family.”

Evie asked, “We’re nerds?”

Abby: “Yeah, and it’s cool!”

I’m such a proud dad 🙂

Flat Tire

This morning I took our car in because our front passenger tire had a screw in it.  It was a slow leak, but you don’t want to find the boundaries of the puncture – air pressure balance.  At Discount Tires (the only place I go for tires, yes, that’s sort of a plug) Evie was noticing logos and patterns on the rims that were for sale.  She was fascinated by the work that was being done in the garage bays.

I’m really thankful for my 5 year old.  She’s precious.

On my desk is a hand written note from my 8 year old telling me she really missed me while I was on a business trip earlier this week.  I missed her, too.

I’m really thankful for my 8 year old.  She’s precious, too.

It’s good to be a dad.

Abby Was Baptized Today

Abby was baptized today, so that was cool.  Except last night I told her that Grandpa Peterman (an elder at our church) would officiate and I would accompany him in case I cried.  I told Abby I was emotional sometimes.  The baptistm went well and Abby and her aunt Kelsey, and the children of another family (Go, Doans!) all publicly testified to their faith.  This was all good and I’m excited for them.

As it turns out Abby’s Sunday school teacher asked if I was going to do the baptism myself.  She replied in the negative.  When Mike, her teacher, asked why I was not going to do the baptism she said, “My dad has emotional problems.”

So there’s that.


Abby was learning about stereotypes in school.  We discussed the concept of stereotypes at dinner and Abby said to Jessica, “I’ve been stereotyped before, Mom.  Someone thought I was born in Colorado.”

And that, my friends, is stereotypism.

My Favorite Child

I just overheard some dialog on the TV show ‘House’ a character tell her daughter, “I like your sister better than you.”  It is absolutely craptastic to hear even if it isn’t realy.  I love both of my daughters.  They’re precious.  They’re both my favorite.

Don’t favor a child.  It’s the worst thing you could do.