St. Partakes Day

Abby just asked,”What is St. Patrick’s day?”

Me: An excuse to start drinking after Mardi Gras.

Abby: blank stair.

Jessica: “The Catholics like to do that to their holidays.”

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  1. I was talking with some folks from Galway yesterday and told ’em what we do for St. Patrick’s Day.

    me: We wear green clothes and drink green beer.
    them: We do the same but without the green.

  2. To Jessica: As always I have to protest when someone makes a blanket statement about Catholics and Catholicism. As a practicing Catholic Christian (yes Cartholics ARE the FIRST Christians) I hate what other seemingly “catholics” and of course all those protestants who partake of the festivities do the the honor of the St. who brought Christianity to Ireland. I assure you that there are many Catholics who are disgusted with that behaviour. So, before you make ignorant blanket statements you should do some checking of the facts.

    May God bless and keep you,


  3. Dan, you’re mistaken – she wasn’t seriously making that blanket statement. She was making a joke. Having an array of friends who are Catholic, former Catholics or the like who are alcoholics – she was making a joke.

    If you would like to discuss theological things I’d invite you to take this to the site where I tend to address more theological things.

  4. I just realized that Jessica is your daughter, no? In any event, if she is “joking” I hope that it is innocent and not what she is taught about Catholics.

    Peace and God bless,


  5. Jessica is my wife. We have both been to seminary and are both have attended training on Catholicism by teachers such as Mike Gendron ( who is a former Catholic and also one of the elders of our church is a former Catholic who went to a Catholic private school growing up. They know exactly what is taught and have conveyed many things and we have also done studying ourselves to confirm what was taught to us.

    She was joking because it was an exaggeration or generalization and untrue of all Catholics and doesn’t reflect the contents of the catechism.

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