One of the women’s olympic swimmers competed first in 1984.  I watched those olympics.  I told my girls that I watched those olympics.  Abby replied, “But they didn’t have TV a long time ago.  You couldn’t have watched it.”

I guess that makes me old 🙂

4 Replies to “Dirt”

  1. Yes, that reminds me of my mom telling my oldest son that I used to be a knockout when I was young. USED TO BE!!! WHEN I WAS YOUNG?!?!?

  2. Ha ha ha! If only there were some sort of age defying remedy that would keep women looking like they were 17 forever. Or how old were you when you were last a knockout? I’d hate to put an age in your mom’s mouth, it might be hard to cram it in with her foot in their, too.

  3. Ah, but a good husband always sees his wife as 17….Or at least MY husband does! So you have a good example!

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