Viewing the Stars

If you’re like me you’ve never watched ‘The View’ all the way through… and the only reason that you watched 15 minutes of it in the first place is because you were sick and you happened to have dropped the remote control far enough away that the increase in nausia brought on by moving towards the remote had to outway the nausia from the show.  Its tough to guage that number because its different for everyone.  Chuck Norris probably gave his television a look and it changed the channel while people like myself had to deal with the emotional battle brought on by the predicament.

Lately in the news it appears that Star Jones-Gastric-Bypass-Reynolds is at odds with her co-host Barbera Mummy-Walters.  And by odds I mean she pretty much wishes she hadn’t lost all of the weight through *cough gastric bypass surgery cough* diet and exercise so as to sit on Barbara’s frail skeletal structure and end the feud.  Barbara on the other hand has handled things really well if by really well you consider that she’s playing the media – her only source of attention – against Star Johannesburg-Reynolds-Wrap.

This sort of jockeying around is just rediculous if you take into account that most people don’t give a rip about Star Jones’ celebrity status.  Once someone finally takes out Kathy Griffith Star Jones can have her show, “My life on the F list.”   Barbara Walters could have her own show, “How being under intense lighting for interviews can help keep your skin looking young and looking like old suitcase leather.”  I think the only solution will be for the two of them to go onto Montel William’s show and kiss and make up… until Rosie O’Donnell comes out from the back room and changes the dynamic of what I meant by kissing and making up.

The View may forever be dead now that they’re losing Jar Stones-Reynolds, and gaining Rosie O.  And it won’t have anything to do with either of them… I think someone’s going to discover that Barbera Walters is secretly Yoda and can the View.


Today I took my step-father-in-law to Chipotle for his first gourmet-fast-Mexican experience.  He said something that I’m sure the people at Chipotle (who are in marketing) would love to hear, “Wow, these are fresh ingredients.”  He was quite impressed by the size as well, but I think most people are astonished that so much food can be wrapped into a burrito tortilla.

I unfortunately put too much of the Chipotle sauce onto my lips… and lamentably they still are burninating.  But such is life.  You can’t have everything, but you can have Chipotle if there is one around where you live.  They’re not expensive, they’re tasty, and no small children were harmed in making your burrito/taco/quesadilla/bol.

Where Did My Computer Run Off To?

I have a windows XP Pro desktop that I use for all Randy Peterman Digital Research & Development media related work.  That computer has plenty of horsepower and more RAM than most people know will fit into their computers (I exagerate, it has 3 Gigabytes, it boots up pretty quick due to that).  However, today at lunch while trying to record a little ditty I launched the machine and it had all of its sound drivers gone and borked.  I did a Windows Update to make sure I hadn’t missed something there… still gone.  So now I need to figure out what needs to be re-installed, what needs to be un-installed, or what needs to be dropped off of a cliff after all of the re-usable parts are harvested out of it [like the RAM].  Few things chap my posterior like a Windows Computer acting goofy.  Every Operating System has problems, but this is really starting to get on my nerves.  OS X isn’t perfect, Linux isn’t perfect (no matter which flavor floats your boat), but this stuff with Windows is driving me bonkers.  What on earth should make that happen?  I can’t tell, but if I can find a good recording package on Linux I’m going to kiss the Cakewalk software goodbye and jump to the Penguin.

Spider-Man 3

As some readers may know the Spider-Man series are my favorite comic book series to be made into a movie (I confess to having never read a Spider-Man comic book in my life, but I did watch the childrens cartoon growing up).  Number 3 is coming out next year.  Here’s the trailor, it looks awesome 🙂

Little Red Riding Honda

2006 Honda CR-VTonight we finally purchased the replacement for our late, beloved Honda Civic: A new Honda CR-V LX.  It looks something like the vehicle that you find in the image nearby this text of paragraphical wonderment.
We spent a long time debating about the Mini-Van route and just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it.  Sure, there are lots of merits to the various options out there, but this one just fit the bill and was at a price range we felt comfortable with.

It has a 4 cylinder engine, but the VTEC technology Honda uses makes those 4 cylinders hum.  I’ll post some ‘action shots’ later when the sun comes up 🙂

In Case the Cabin Depressurizes…

Abby shows off the safety cardAbby shows off the safety cardAbby cracked us up Saturday on the way home on the airplane. We got onto the plane and she pretty much immediately grabbed the safety card out of the seat back before her. She opened it up and told me she wanted a ‘nose bag.’

That’s right, some people call them oxygen masks, but we call them nose bags now 🙂

Borked Comments

I have a database issue that I’m going to be contacting my host for help with.  Sorry if the site is borked until then.  These things happen every once in a while, except that you probably don’t notice since people get them fixed faster when they’re not on vacation.

Also, I posted some pics from our trip here.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to my dad, my fathers-in-law and to my brother [and everyone else].  Also, today is a special day to commemorate grandpas, I’ve got one living, but even the one that isn’t was special to me.  Happy Father’s day Grandpa Peterman [there is a one in three-thousand-milliont-trillion-quadrillion chance he’ll actually read this].

Time Zoned

We have been all screwed up the last 36 hours from jumping ahead 2 hours.  When we left Denver International Airport the weather was overcast and cloudy.  Ascention into the clouds was highly turbulent.  We dropped probably [Randy pulls a number out of his head] 10-15 feet with one bump and experience zero gravity for a moment.  It was beautiful.  Abby and Jessica were really scared.  Evie continued to suck on her pacifier as normal and the stewardesses did a song-and-dance about the airline not paying for people to get new underwear no matter how soiled they were.  It was not a good time and fun was not had by all.
Upong getting above the clouds Jessica went to the restroom because apparently she was feeling risky.   In the restroom the captain turned on the fasten seatbelt sign and we hit more turbulence. More bumps.  More Jessica being concerned by herself in a small confined space.  Five starts for fun.

We finally arrived here in Indy about 11:50 PM.  20 minutes late, which isn’t bad for all of the detouring the pilot had to do to avoid other storms.  He had taken us to more than 40,000 feet [12.2 kilometers] to get above some of the funk and to move faster through the atmosphere.  That late we were able to haul tailfin to the terminal gate and debark de flyer.  John and Kelsey met us past the insecurity area and we collected all 5,000 pieces of luggage and packed into the Buick (pronounced like Quick, but with a b, like bwick).  Fortunately the Peers don’t live 2 hours away from the Indy airport so we got to bed by 1:00 AM.  The girls are adjusting to the time zone faster than we are.  Of course the biggest issue is that we play games until deep into the night so our sleep patterns are screwed up even more.  Last night Jessica spanked me at Risk and then beat John to become the victor of the first full game of Risk I’ve ever played.  Before that I had actually only played mission Risk, which has a different strategy.

That is all for now, but I’m hoping that later I can post some pictures or something that will entertain you, the reader.

The Best Kind of AOL is the Dead Kind of AOL

I am at my in-laws in IN [that is the kind of alliteration that I dream of using on a daily bases].  They have teenage girls which means that they have AOL.  This is part of standards compliance for teenager girls apparently.  I am logging in on my wireless laptop at least.  However, AOL totally barfed on my older version installed on this laptop.  All it did was log me into their network and give me internet access.  None of the AOL crap loaded up.  None of the crap was blinking, popping, fading in and out, or demanding my attention.  It is beautiful.  It is the first time AOL has brought a smile to my face in a long, long time.